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College soccer in the United States is an intercollegiate league that is sponsored by National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA).


There are over 800 Men's soccer programs in the NCAA which are broken up into three different divisions - Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3.


Student athletes are expected to be well balanced individuals who are able to focus on their studies but still be able to perform at a very high level.


The competititve season runs from August until November, and training takes place year round, with a mini season in the spring for exhibition games. 

Receiving a college soccer scholarship means that the athletic department will pay for all of or part of your tuition, housing and living expenses. 


Each team has a certain amount of scholarships they are allowed to give to their players.


In Division 1, each team is allowed 9.9 scholarships to be awarded. In Division 2, each team is allowed 9. In Division 3, there are no athletic scholarships awarded. 


Because intercollegiate athletics is part of the fabric of the university, student-athletes must be committed to academic achievement and the pursuit of a degree. 


Student-Athletes must take a minimum number of credits each semester, and achieve a certain grade point average to stay eligible for their sport.


The normal student takes four years to complete their degree. 


There are over 800 Universities in the United States with men's football programs.


All universities have their own unique feel. Universities range from 1,000 students to 50,000 students.


Some are in big cities, some are on the beach, and some are in small rural towns. Each school also offers its own unique set of courses and specialize in different areas of academics.


For a list of all universities with a college soccer program - click the link. 


College is a great time to meet new people, try different things, and grow as a person. 

Each college offers its own unique clubs, activities, events, and social environment.


Although you are there to get an education and play a sport, you will also have the experience of a life time.

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Student-athletes applying to play college athletics need to meet a certain criteria to be eligible.


Each school has its own academic standards for potential students. 


Universities will look at your current high school grades and your SAT exam score in order to determine whether you will be able to attend their school. 


The NCAA also has a set of standards that must be met both academically and athletically. 

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